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Good post.

Thanks @mark - though I should come clean and admit that these are all site embeds from the Ripple News feed. We’ve just set up commenting functionality from the site to - in short it means that blog post entries on the Ripple site will appear on here, and the blog comments here will be embedded back to Ripple.

So no, I didn’t write any of it - it was @tony.shannon !

I had more or less worked that out! Navin’s comments about ?manic are perhaps aimed at Tony, which presumably means business as usual!

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thanks for your help with the openHealthHub - Ripple hookup @pacharenero,
looks good, should work well.

Glad you liked the article @mark.
You’ll see mention of the clinical content, workflow, rules split. We
should catchup on mutual interest between Synapta & Ripple, from what I’ve
seen should be useful… we’re both in the open platform space…


Yes, it is a good bit of observation about the topic - you’re right to draw
attention to the separation of the ‘layers’. If you’re around at all when
we visit NE later in May, it would be great to talk - I think we’re now
overdue for a decent conversation. Ewan has been liaising with Nick B and
you’re obviously in the thread, so do let us know.


Dr Mark Greenhalgh
Operon Limited
07540 360 389

Nice article @tony.shannon. Thought provoking and informative as ever. I’ve often found it difficult to separate the information from the process. @pacharanero knows all about one of my attempts to get around this :wink: (“stickies” on a wall)