Email, Calendaring, NHSMail2 and Exchange Integration

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@robdykedotcom @adrian.wilkins @tony - Let’s move the discussion on email/calendar/exchange options to a separate thread here.


Just my 2p. I do agree Thurderbird is a better email client (than Evolution and Outlook for that matter) and what I use, but to get it to work with NHSMail2 you have to purchase a license for ExQuilla which isn’t free or open source which doesn’t quiet align with the project.

I do wonder if Evolution is good enough for non power users?


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ExQuilla isn’t the only option for Thunderbird ; I see it uses EWS, I used to use Ericsson’s (OSS) EWS plugin for Thunderbird / Lightning :


Thanks @adrian.wilkins

If you’ve the time to test and package up thunderbird / lightening and the exchange plugin it could be included in the default installation.

Interesting, not seen this one, I will give it a try. Thanks Adrian.

Firefox 53 will not allow the installation of an unsigned add-on which the ericcson EWScalendar gets flagged as! You can tweak the about.config, but you break the warranty!!! Still think we will struggle to get Thunderbird working with NHSMail2 without a signed add-on like ExQuilla, unless we build our own!

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AFAIK, Thunderbird have no current plans to enable extension signing : source Mozilla wiki ; the Ericsson calendar plugin doesn’t do anything for Firefox, although the default action if you click on the download link is to try and install it.

Dragging the XPI download link into the open “Extensions” panel in Thunderbird seems to be the most convenient way to install it.

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Have TB 52.2.1 running with Davmail 4.8.0 and connecting to NHS Mail using as the URL.
Happy to send some screen shots if needed.
What do we need to do for this to be part of the NHSBuntu distribution ?
The challenges are :
Default profile for TB that just needs the username and password
Start Davmail at boot time using the settings above

… and Davmail + TBird works like a charm with Exchange calendar too :slight_smile: