EHRServer online workshop

This might be of interest, the new EHRServer online Workshop: the first open source clinical data repository compliant with the openEHR standard.

Presentation and info: YouTube

Can you give us a *rough idea of cost for the workshop Pablo ?

Hi Grant, the info is on the video, but you can also find everything on this post CaboLabs Blog - EHRServer Implementation and Management Workshop

Hi @ppazos and thanks for posting. Really interested to hear about EHRServer - I was aware of it’s existence but I didn’t appreciate it was open source.

When you say it’s the ‘first’ implementation in open source, I thought that accolade had gone to EtherCIS. You would possibly in the best position to correct me on this though.

EHRServer started as a project in 2012, and had it first open source commit in 2013. The whole idea started back in 2009 when I was building other project, the EHRGen that worked with openEHR archetypes instead of templates as the EHRServer. Not sure if this is an accolade, but fact is EHRServer is the first open source openEHR CDR out there. More info CaboLabs Blog - EHRServer: from proof of concept to an open source SaaS product

Thanks @ppazos - great that we have 2 full openEHR implementations in open source!

Would be great to have a comparison of them on the site somewhere, and mayeb a ‘Getting started with developing on EHRServer’ type article… :wink:

Not sure who can do such article in an independent way, but both projects are well documented and have very different design principles and code base. For interested people, they’ll need to read the docs and choose the one that suits their specific needs.

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