What is best way to fetch patient medical record and update medical record


I have EMIS Web, and pfs api access through which i am able to fetch medical record. but every time i need to generate access_identity_guid for patient with the help of PIN document which is like manual process. is there any automatic process through which i can achieve this.

Let me know if i am on wrong path. i am new in this


Can you elaborate a little more?

What’s the guid for

access_identity_guid generate based on patient from EMIS web

I meant elaborate on the problem you are trying to solve.
I know how to do medical record calls for patients from EMIS but haven’t come across PIN or guid.
Why do you need pfs api’s aren’t the other ones more appropriate?

@mayfield.g.kev what is other solution instead of PFS. can you please suggest me i have no idea about it. i am new in it. i want to integrate IM1 API.

The org I’m working with has gone direct to EMIS , it’s similar to IM1 interfaces but removes a middle man.

Looking at this page I was hoping to find some technical links Online services for patients at practices using EMIS - NHS Digital
but it just seems to be a list of who is using the IM1.

I think you’ve been told to use the wrong interface. You should be able to just a system wide logon and then access the API’s as required (that’s what we do). i.e. the system deals with auth and IG, not the user.

I think you need to be using whatever IM1 is calling this service Integrated care | EMIS

Thanks @mayfield.g.kev for quick response. much appreciated

Can you please share your email so we can communicate. that will be helpful.

What want to implement solution for book an appointment with GP and also view patient medical record and this data should be reflect on EMIS web as well.


@mayfield.g.kev is there any alternative for access patient medical record based on NHS number other than IM1(emis)

EMIS Partner API has been adopted as another variant of IM1.

We use this to provide a read-write FHIR API for EMIS Web

I’m also providing a FHIR read/write API on top of this API … which begs some questions around another API?

@dunmail can you provide more info regarding this. i am new in this

@mayfield.g.kev: You mean a general purpose API that allows authenticated and authorised users to read/write into the longitudinal health record for a patient? A bit like Care Connect API? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@uzaif: We’ve worked with EMIS to provide this FHIR API: IG\Home - FHIR v4.0.1

Was thinking of the one with limited developer input and in terms of usage is dwarfed by IM1.

The legacy STU3 API?

@dunmail i am using PFS from EMIS

@uzaif I don’t believe that GPSoC PFS APIs provide the capability to update patient medical records

@dunmail Yeah its only readonly access. we have IM1 transaction API but it need to call in SOAP.
@dunmail do you know about login with nhs and is it useful to integrate with EMIS

I work with @dunmail and would be happy to have a chat around this