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HANDIhealth (aka HANDI) has joined openhealthhub.org - a community of discussion groups covering a wide range of Health IT areas, with each community benefiting from the discussion and knowledge of the others.

HANDI will continue to be a great resource Health App developers and providers, and is actively working with Code4Health on the Code4Health/‘HANDI-HOPD’ platform, which aims to ameliorate the difficulties of developing in the Health domain.

HANDIhealth.org and openhealthhub.org have for a long time been collaborating to increase openness, open governance, open source and open standards in Health IT, and now HANDI’s forum will be hosted within the openhealthhub family. Openhealthhub, like HANDI, is a Community Interest Company, and the OHHforums will always be free.

We hope you will share in good and useful discussions and that the new HANDI will be of great benefit - but of course if you want to reduce the amount of email you get from the forum, simply click the link on the bottom of any notification to mute that thread. Or, visit your Profile page, to see more options about which communities you want to follow, or switch off email notifications entirely.

Sent on behalf of the HANDI Board, by Marcus Baw.


Thanks for the invite marcus, this looks like a great hub.

Agree - good timing in a fast-moving world. I hope to contribute an Asia-Pac flavour (yum) to the conversations.


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@andy @mike.bainbridge thanks for joining and hopefully we’ll all get some good discussion and more importantly, positive actions in healthcare IT can come from discussions here.

There’s been a rapid growth in the number of users on openhealthhub, and therefore email notification traffic - I’m sorry if it’s battering all your email inboxes. Worth noting that these emails are just notifications about posts on the site, so you can freely delete them, the thread will still be there on www.openhealthhub.org


Hi - we have received the email below, can anyone help Brian?

From: Magowan, Brian [mailto:Brian.Magowan@borders.scot.nhs.uk]
Sent: 16 July 2016 19:10
To: admin@handihealth.org
Subject: Maternity Care App

Hi there, I have developed a method of screening our pregnant mothers using a spreadsheet with embedded algorithms, and have now used it prospectively in about 2000 cases. We have proven that it considerably more safe and effective in identifying problems than the traditional methods used by most healthcare providers (see summary below).

I would love to develop an App for use by both health-care providers and service users to take over from the rather clunky excel spreadsheet we have developed, but have run into the buffers repeatedly as it needs to store the confidential patient data entered into it. I note that you seem to have experience of this, and would be deeply grateful if your team was in a position to help.

Yours in frustration and hope Brian Magowan

Summary of data findings: VTE prophylaxis with heparin was better completed antenatally (p<0.001), postnatally (p <0.05) and treated as inpatients (p<0.01). Risk assessment for increased BMI management was made more accurately (p=0.012), and Vitamin D and folic acid were prescribed more accurately (P<0.01). Screening for gestational diabetes was also improved (P<0.01), as was screening for smoking (p<0.01). Assessment for growth restriction showed an improved trend (p=0.06 ).

Dr Brian Magowan FRCOG
Consultant Obsetrtician and Gynaecologist, and Head of Clincial Service
Dept of Obstetrics and Gynaecolology
The Borders General Hospital

Hi Brian,

This sounds a particularly interesting piece of work! I was recently reading an interesting piece of “Feral Systems” siting them as being a really rich resource and where much of the real innovation comes from, they should be encouraged and supported in a safe way rather than continually vindicated and pushed down.

If your excel version happens to be based around a simple enough form have you considered building something web based that could submit to your existing server (provided your IT dept is willing to set up the tables)? I have written a number of client side algorithms in JS in the past and conversion from VBA in excel is quite easy, this might not be the ultimate app that you are after but might be a good next step.

Many Thanks