I fixed the website! - We are now GH powered!

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Good stuff @robdykedotcom

When I go to and click on download now, there is no ISO file to download, where is the ISO file?

We are not allowed to distribute NHoS anymore.

Okay, then put the old ISO of NHoS on, please and thank you.

Hi @Darkseid we are legally not allowed to distribute the ISO anymore

I am confident that one day we will come back to this project with the right backing and support and will bring the project back.

In the meantime, and nothing to do with us, you may find torrents of the older ISOs on the web


You could/ might be able to distribute the old ISO of NHoS through Google Drive. Will you please try distributing the old ISO of NHoS through Google Drive? The people that shutdown NHSbuntu wouldn’t be able to stop you from distributing NHoS through Google Drive, because then they would have to hack your Google account to get the NHoS ISO file and hacking it illegal.

While I’m not afraid of Gov legals, I can do without the grief.

I’d really welcome some help to fix up the live-build though!


I am extremely sorry robdykedotcom that I am not an IT Tech professional, but my aunt Heather Schofield knows EVERYTHING about the Windows operating system, just look her up on Facebook and she might be willing to help you out.