Urgent problems for you to fix

I have passed your disc to Jeremy Hunt and he was extremely interested. He is passing it on to his tech people. I note two problems which urgently need to be sorted out.
If you can do the first I will give him the updated version.

  1. Virtualbox needs to be loaded with sudo apt-get install virtualbox. This should be on the accessories menu.
    This is necessary for those windows application and drivers not available with Linux and it is a must to be repaired.
  2. The email is extremely dated and no software is in the system to load Thunderbird. This should be on the internet menu.

Can you treat these as a priority before the tech guys give it a thumbs down because of this.

I hope that you can add to the NHS tutorial on firefox the use of Virtualbox. I hope to demonstrate NHSbuntu to a senior cabinet minister who is looking at this operating system and will show him how to use Virtualbox. This is before he gets feedback from his tech guys, as if they are windoze idiots may reject changing to the distro because of those programs and drivers that are only available in windoze.

Urgent problems for whom to fix?

NHSbuntu uses virtualbox and other tools to provide seamless clinical
applications including NHS smartcard support for Spine services.

We have written scripts to install the versions of the tools we have
successfully proven this capability with. The scripts are in github here

as are the definitions for the Vagrant boxes.


Thunderbird is not installed by default. This is because NHSbuntu is based
on Gnome which use Evolution as a mail application.

As you know, NHSmail is provided with Microsoft Outlook / Exchange Web
Services. We found that Evolution has excellent support for the NHSmail
features like shared calendar and global address book.


That’s great I’ll pass that on to Jeremy and his tech guys and add it to
my notes.


You could get us involved…

Could you clarify for us what your role is with Jeremy Hunt’s ‘tech team’ Barry?


Error 1) in your original post can be fixed by using the correct command:

sudo apt-get install virtualbox-5.1

as opposed to:

sudo apt-get install virtualbox

I note your comment [quote=“bscho, post:1, topic:964”]
This is necessary for those windows application and drivers not available with Linux and it is a must to be repaired.

Solving the many problematic areas where legacy Windows-only software is in use in the NHS is a complex and difficult matter, and we know from our own experience and research that it’s unlikely to be solved by using just Virtualbox (although Vbox may be part of the solution). There are at least a dozen different approaches to getting Windows-native programs to run in a Unixy environment - Vbox is just one of them.

Quite a lot of the research and development that remains to be done on NHSbuntu is in exactly this area.


Thanks for that shared calendar and address book (under tools) are in
thunderbird. I think thunderbird should be in the application software
it looks better and gives a choice to the user. I think you need to
think again on this and make thunderbird the default mailer.


I am not involved in the tech team Jeremy is passing it to them I hope
they are not windoze idiots.

I hope to give Jeremy my laptop and let him have a play. I’ll keep you
informed of what the tech team and Jeremy is doing about getting rid of


How would you ensure full Exchange Web Services integration in Thunderbird Barry? I ask as Thunderbird has IMAP and POP mail support by default and these protocols are not supported by NHSmail2 as far as I know.

I have used |sudo apt-get install virtualbox and it works fine. Let me
know if using-5.1 does a different job.|

|It loads version 5.0.40.


I deleted the virtualbox. I have tried to load the 5.1 version it says
it is not available.

I restored the 5.0.40 version