UK SNOMED subsets - online access?

I’m after specific UK SNOMED subset (Correspondence Document type subset with subset original id 44041000000135)

It’s referred to in Interoperability Specifications Reference Pack and early versions of Record Locator Service. Are any of the subsets accessible online (except for TRUD) ? I can query UK SNOMED CT here: but not the subsets.

I will be extracting them from TRUD packs in the future but that needs some development and resources.

Hi Kevin,


and ask a very good question is why these are not maintained by Terminology Centre or NHS Digital on a public link, rather than what is an excellently maintained but essentially voluntary effort.


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I suspect part of the answer is a certain edginess about the SNOMED CT license agreement. SCT is not licensed freely/openly and while the UK has a blanket license to use the terminology, publishing it online could be interpreted as exceeding the bounds of that license.

Many many thanks… You don’t know how useful that link is.

It should be coming our as a FHIR ValueSet ( id= )

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Rumour has it there might be two possible solutions to this in the future:

  1. UKTC might be releasing the subsets as separate files in a ‘human readable’ format

  2. UKTC might be developing their own browser so these could be displayed.

The refset you mentioned and it’s members can be seen in the IHTSDO SNOMED CT browser at You need to search by name but you can identify all the members.

Downside of the IHTSDO browser is it doesn’t contain any UK Drug content.