UK Patient Care Record API Links (read only)

Baseline openAPI suggestions from NHS England

NHS Recommendation Links Reference Implementation
FHIR R4 probably UKCore FHIR Access and/or IHE Query for Existing Data for Mobile (QEDm) - these are roughly the same Prototype Implementation
FHIR STU3 CareConnect API Care Connect Reference Implementation

Suppliers implementing NHS England or US recommendations

Supplier API Type Data Model (FHIR Profiles) API Documentation
AllScripts FHIR R4 IHE QEDM US Core FHIR Documentation
Cerner FHIR R4 IHE QEDM US Core Millenium
Graphnet / System C FHIR STU3 CareConnect API CareConnect Graphnet API Developer Portal
Yorkshire and Humber Care Record FHIR STU3 CareConnect API CareConnect No details found. See CareConnectAPI link above?
NHS England - Personal Demographics Service FHIR R4 IHE PDQm UK Core Personal Demographics Service - FHIR API
NHS England - National Record Locator FHIR R4 IHE MHD Document Registry UK Core National Record Locator - Coming soon
NHS England - Immunisation History FHIR R4 IHE QEDM UK Core Immunisation History
NHS England - COVID-19 Test Results FHIR R4 IHE QEDM UK Core COVID-19 Test Results

For a list of other NHS England API’s see NHS England API Catalogue.

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