UK FHIR R4 Implementation Notes

This is very much a work in progress but I’ve put three R4 Implementation Guides on github. These are also notes I’ve created when implementing R4 systems and so focused on practical implementation.

UK Core - as a HL7 IG

Rules on resource data models.

This is a HL7 based IG for UK Core Data Model - this is not official. It’s required by the other two.
In practice you would probably create your own data model rules (aka FHIR Profiles) on top of UK Core (or CareConnect). I may look at doing this for secondary care as the rules coming from HL7v2 are more stringent than either of these.

‘Care Connect’ Messaging Notes

This is starting to define rules on messaging (in addition to the resource rules). Typically these rules would appear in a Trust Integration Engine.

I’m doing a lot of work translating from HL7v2 to FHIR and also populating FHIR Servers. This also contains UK HL7v2 examples converted to FHIR following the HL7 conversion guide.

Care Connect RESTful API

I’m using this to define how my FHIR servers behave, what are the resource rules, what the server accepts, etc. It is related to the CareConnectAPI

These rules would apply to FHIR Clients and FHIR Servers (right hand side of the diagram above)