Transforming outcomes with data and technology - which projects can demonstrate their effectiveness?

The outstanding contributions in all the fora (forums?) within this openhealthhub initiative all share a common goal - using data and technology to transform health outcomes for patients and carers. This hub has a tremendously valuable set of assets in useful information, helpful hints, technology Q&As etc which have clearly proved to be invaluable to so many in this field.

But where are the projects that can be used as exemplars to show what impact data and technology can have? Having a great set of examples would create an evidence base for what impact these initiatives could have. It could also spark ideas and perhaps help define best practise. And, most importantly, these examples would highlight the cost of doing nothing, the default option for so many blockers in this environment.

So please share your examples so that we all can benefit. Help to create a shared pool of ammunition available to all to move this open initiative forward.