Summer Schools Hackday 17-18 July

The CCIO Summer Schools are running a parallel hackdays event.

I know the event runs around pitches but I guess I’m not alone in that I tend to work in the back. So I have provided services to be used by the pitches.

So my service pitch:

GP Connect - open source code which simplifies the API
NRL - ditto
SDS (Spine Directory Services) - ditto ( * )
SMSP/PDS (Patient Demographics Service) - ditto ( * )

It all uses Java and each is deployed as a standard FHIR Server (following international/UK CareConnect API standards not NHSD) and can be dockerised if necessary.

In addition, I can work with data repositories such as HAPI JPA (sql), CCRI (sql) or CCRI Document service (this is the document store behind NRL - uses mongo). Again, all are deployable as standard FHIR servers.

I’ve also worked with Alfresco (doc and activiti), apache camel and hapi (hl7v2).

Please give me a shout at the event if you think you could use this or need help on these.

Thanks @mayfield.g.kev!

A word to the wise: if you are coming to the hack day and think you are going to need OpenTest credentials then request them Monday morning they are not instantly produced, they are created by the service desk people on request.

That said, I think I still have about 5 spare sets of OpenTest credentials from back when HSCIC were getting me to run their hack days, so if anyone did need them on the day, come and see me.

I’ve got one that could be used also.

The code I was referring too was commissioned by NHS or other depts (It’s not mine, it is open source)