For those of you wishing to get up to speed with the Spine documentation in advance of the Connectathon, here are links to the TRUD section of HSCIC, where the documentation is stored.

Spine Messaging Specifications - https://isd.hscic.gov.uk/trud3/user/guest/group/0/pack/34/subpack/28/releases

For PDS – Use MIM6.3.01
For SCR Query – Use MIM7.2.02
For EPS – Use MIM4.2.00

Specific Message Specifications – inc. PDS SMSP, CP-IS & FGM - https://isd.hscic.gov.uk/trud3/user/guest/group/0/pack/34

People will need to register with TRUD before they can request access to the specifications - https://isd.hscic.gov.uk/trud3/user/guest/group/0/account/form.


Also HSCIC did a number of webinars on HL7v3 messaging formats. They were on TRUD, the MIM is a bit of beast to understand.

This is a nice compact book on the subject http://www.amazon.co.uk/Understanding-Version-Healthcare-Interoperability-Normative/dp/3933819210

Also this book on CDA http://www.amazon.co.uk/CDA-Book-Keith-W-Boone/dp/0857293354/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1460545816&sr=1-4&keywords=hl7+cda It’s more focused on CDA but that’s a variant of HL7v3 and also focused on US market (NHS England/HSCIC did a few tweaks to the base standard).

If you find the webex’s please post links back here.

For training courses the best bet is HL7 Uk http://www.hl7.org.uk/training/training_summary.asp

No dates for the HL7v3/ITK/CDA standards at the moment though but many European countries run the courses in English. They are all run by Ringholm (including the UK ones) - full list here http://www.ringholm.com/en/events.htm