Special Interest Group - FLIP - Researcher

  • The FLIP Researcher users should be those that are researching and/or creating models that require training on clinical data as well as those involved in the governance and project approvals.

  • The SIGs are contributors to the requirements and design of the user interfaces of the solutions and act in an advisory capacity on the data needs for models/pathways that will use the systems.

  • The long term aim is to build cross Trust communities who can have access to and feedback on the latest developments and share best practice, knowledge and training with each other.

:bookmark: Please take a look at the Terms of Reference for the SIGs ToR for SIGs.pdf (223.1 KB)

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For those not involved in the UAT testing phase, here is a sneak peek into what we call the ‘Model Dashboard’. It will be here that Model Developers will be able to upload files, start training and see the progress of training their model.

The team is just in the middle of doing some last fixes before UAT testing continues at KCH and ULCH by the KCL model developers.

If anyone would like an invite to our MVP sprint review please reach out.

FLIP Squad :v:


Hi @tabithafogarty - the video doesn’t seem to work for me. Can you test it and potentially re-upload it?

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It worked on my laptop earlier, but doesn’t load on my phone.

Weird it works on my Chrome browser but not my Safari browser. I wonder if @pacharanero has any ideas…

Google “safari horrible browser”… Mac’s :-1:

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Here’s a link for people who are struggling to view it - Sneak-Peek MVP Video

It works for me in Brave Browser (basically it is Chrom[e|ium] under the hood)

It looks like .webm videos are only partially supported in Safari (at best)

There’s nothing wrong with the .webm standard AFAIK it’s just that Steve Jobs didn’t like it so it’s only been added to Safari in 2021 (in MacOS Big Sur betas earlier this year). Which MacOS version are people using?

it worked for me on Chrome. More fuel for Brian’s fire against my Mac :rofl:

version 12.0.1

Yep, it seems to be an issue with Safari, even on the latest version. I’m also using the newest macOS 12.0.1 and Safari update, and it’s still not working.

It works flawlessly in Edge for me, but I expected it to work as it’s Chromium. It makes sense only to upload mp4 files as that works across all devices and OS in the future.

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Here is one I created earlier, in a format that I reckon even Safari can handle :wink:


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As promised here is a demo of the MVP of FLIP presented by our Tech Lead @yorke_answer.

The link can be found here: Google drive link (Sorry I couldn’t upload directly)

Looking forward to the new year where we will continue to develop this platform.

Have a great Christmas break,


FLIP Team :v:

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