Special Interest Group - AIDE - Researchers

  • The AIDE Researchers (Application Packager, Application Deployer and Administrator) users should be those that package models/applications or those that deploy them into a clinical setting. Including using the models, monitoring & auditing them.

  • The SIGs are contributors to the requirements and design of the user interfaces of the solutions and act in an advisory capacity on the data needs for models/pathways/applications that will use the systems.

  • The long term aim is to build cross Trust communities who can have access to and feedback on the latest developments and share best practice, knowledge and training with each other.

:bookmark: Please take a look at the Terms of Reference for the SIGs ToR for SIGs.pdf (223.1 KB)

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:loudspeaker: Take a look at the design for the AIDE Application Store - we’d love to hear your thoughts /comments on proposed functionality:

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