SNOMED CT subsets/refsets

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Hi All, I am starting some work with clinicians in Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals FT to tackle the issue of clinical coding and noting using SNOMED-CT. One early requirement we feel we need is a refset for cardiological diagnoses, and soon for procedures. Has anyone come across such refsets which we can share? We would be also interested in a collaborative approach,

I think you can get this from NHS Digital’s TRUD service, here…

Or you could try the API/database service here…


Hope they’ve paid their SNOMED CT license?

Thanks Marco for your reply.
There’s no cardiology subset available on the TRUD unfortunately. We are hoping to get in touch with someone who may have developed or uses one locally so that we don’t reinvent the wheel.


Ah, right. Sorry I couldn’t help.

Weirdly I just heard of a new installation in Fiji Cardiology clinic yesterday using a reference set developed by a new New Zealand vendor. I’ll do some research wearing my SNOMED hat

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No problem, Marco.

Thank you Mike, that would be brilliant!

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@dion many thanks for your reply, that’s very helpful. I could kick myself for not thinking of this before!

Also, for anyone interested, we found “Cardiology Problem List subset” on (it is listed in the 2016 subset release files).

I notice that Malaysia is developing a cardiology refset. Is that your patch Mike?

There’s also a cardiovascular finding reference set that exists as part of the Australian SNOMED CT extension.

If you go to you’ll see there is a “Cardiovascular finding reference set”. Once logged in (free to register) you can download it as a FHIR ValueSet expansion (or interact with the FHIR endpoint at or download it as a simple TSV file…or of course download the RF2 SNOMED CT-AU release…

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