Sending remote data to GP EMRs eg. SystmOne

Hi guys,

New to the healthcare API scene. I’ve been wondering if it is possible to update a GPs patient record from the community. Is it remotely possible to update a record ? I feel like the process would have to be something for example:

  1. GP requests Blood pressure from patient and sends request to a platform or some 3rd party integration
  2. Request is sent back to the GP via MESH
  • Is that even possible ?

I have been looking at the APIs TPP has available and it looks possible to achieve if it was through a desktop client communicating as a middle man between SystmOne and a 3rd party platform… but I don’t want to reinvent the wheel if we can update patient records through MESH.

I’m interested to hear how this is already done?


This is probably the same requirement as this Using MESH to deliver specific SNOMED codes to PASs - #8 by StuartF

Got you ! There’s so many terms to get around :joy: can anyone send information through MESH or do you need to register and get auth access to send clinical information ?

We’ve dropped using MESH and are going to use IM1, I know Futures is hanging over that like the sword of Damocles but we’ve not had anything from NHSD re timelines as we’ve started the integration process.
The EMIS PIP has some good examples in it, one of which is sending blood pressures into a PAS (if I remember correctly).

@John, the IM1 stuff is detailed here

John, this is one the recurring issues many people have. You can use MESH to send documents and clinical information (not at the same time using different protocols). MESH is just transport it’s a delivery system like the Royal Mail. The issue is what protocol is on top of MESH and making sure the receiver systems can process it. There are a series of FHIR (API standards) that NHS Digital are rolling out that will do what you’re looking for. Suggest you look at the recently refreshed site and register. Good luck. Paul.