Sending PDF/RTF documents to GP Practices


I’ve setup an interface to send HTML documents in kettering format to GP’s using MESH. I would like to send RTF/PDF documents. I don’t believe you can use kettering xml to send through such documents so I’ve tried sending through some test FHIR messages with PDF content but nothing is displaying in EMIS.

Does anyone have any experience with sending PDF/RTF’s to EMIS using MESH? If so, can they supply some examples?

EMIS as a company haven’t been very helpful so any help would be appreciated.


Anthony Breen

Are you trying to use this API Send Document | gpconnect-messaging
for sending PDF documents.
I don’t think it is live yet.

Yes. I guess that’s the problem then.

Can you send pdf documents using Kettering xml?

Hi Anthony

We enabled our MESH interface at the start of August and have been sending PDF’s embedded within Kettering XML to both SystmOne and EMIS practices. So far, we’ve sent just under 50k documents and, as far as I’m aware, everything has been working fine.

The interface we’ve implemented is the first one I’ve configured so don’t have any experience in sending Kettering XML with HTML but I would imagine the only difference would be in the ClinicalReport block, an example of the one we’re using is below: -

      <Cuid IdScope="Message">1</Cuid>

Simply replace <<BASE64_ENCODED_PDF>> with your Base64 encoded PDF document.

How well does this display in SystmOne and EMIS. How does the GP reved the PDF?