Primary Health Care Specialist Group your input needed

The British Computer Society Primary Health Care Specialist Group (BCS PHCSG) have been operating since the dawn of GP computing 40 years ago; the group is run by volunteers with support from the British Computer Society (BCS). We are passionate about using technology to improve the delivery of care in general practice and support the professionalism of IT in primary care. We are open to all who work in general practice with an interest in technology and informatics including commissioners, suppliers, researchers, academics and are unusual, in that we have such a broad membership base. We:

  • Provide an opportunity to network and learn in a safe environment with suppliers, academics, researchers, other practices and NHS organisations.
  • Organise events to encourage networking and share learning for those at the coalface and those interested in the cutting edge.
  • Provide an online discussion group applying Chatham House principles
  • Produce position papers on specialist topics
  • Represent the PHCSG at JGPIT and BCS health Executive
  • Influence and shape policy
  • Have access to other specialist groups within the BCS e.g. legal, AI, cybersecurity.
  • Annually, host a very successful education day and conference
  • Developing those who are new informatics is a priority so we are investigating how we might provide some ‘micro mentorship’.

Given COVID, we wish to understand how we can adapt to the new paradigm and what we can do to support your needs. We would appreciate your insights by asking you to complete this short survey. The key themes emerging will be published, be assured no data will be identifiable.

We hope to see you at an event at some point in the near future, in the meantime please follow us on linkedin or twitter @PHCSG.

Thank you in advance for completing the survey.

John Robinson Chair of PHCSG