Pathways linking soloutions

Continuing the discussion from Improving infusion pump safety (and hello):

Hi to all,
I am also newly introduced to the community by @pacharanero having had two fantastic days of openEHR training.

By way of introduction I am an registered mental health nurse since 2001, I am currently working as a payment by results lead for an NHS trust across all sorts of services and I have a keen interest in code.

@adrian.wilkins your QI code solution is outstanding, I am seriously really liking this!

I have been doing a lot of work with my colleague on how we can use IT solutions to support pathways including generating forms that follow intervention pathways. To this end I did an example of a paracetamol overdose pathway that included a dosage and infusion rate and volume calculator (submitted this for a code4health challenge), I think it would be fantastic if the form could generate a QI code that then programmed the infusion pump as you have done. Really excited by the possibilities, we could work through a whole host of intervention based pathways that require infusions and output a QI code for each!

I have just set up a small HTML page to show what I did for the paracetamol pathway and I will drop some other ideas on there shortly:

good luck with your paracetamol pathway, my nationalhealth data model (NHdm) and national health app (NHapp) support the prescribing, dispensing and admin of all BNF drugs on the PERSON Pathway, these PERSON Level Activities (PLAys) can be flagged as part of the SCR view of the PERSONs health journey (ps I have a headache :-))