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Hello, I have recently obtained an Opentest account. I was able to successfully connect to the VPN provided by them in email. The challenge is that I don’t know where to go from here?
How can I use the certificates and keys provided by them(openTest team). And how can I connect to their server?

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Hi @pashmeena - it’s been a longstanding problem that the documentation of the OpenTest and Spine APIs is very poor. There’s another thread on Open Health Hub already about this (worth always searching the forums for existing posts before posting)

We do now have some good links with the NHS Spine team’s product owners and developers eg @Jen_Redman , and we’re hoping that we can get closer collaboration so they understand what smaller developer teams need from the documentation, and we can help them deliver that.

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Hi @pashmeena

Yes please take a look at the other thread. There’s a link and contact details provided that you may find useful. Any problems let me know.


So glad you posted this. We thought we were the only ones. We’d be more than happy to write a SPINE user guide for future users if anyone is up for sharing info.

That would be very cool. @Jen_Redman perhaps what’s needed is a Spine user group where we can feed back about the documentation?

Hello there,

I’ve already read the thread, but I am still facing problems connecting to the sever.
@Jen_Redman I tried contacting relative people via help desk, they gave a document using which we are able to at least log in to the lookup service. But, still facing issues connecting to multiple URLs they’ve provided.

We contacted them again and received a 50 page long documentation for MHS.
still going through the document

Yes please. That’d be really very helpful.

If the relevant information is available we’d like to make it 'An idiots guide to… SPINE Connection and API usage

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