The aim of OpenOdonto is to promote open source software that will be implemented in NHS
community dentistry initially, but by virtue of its commitment to open source licenses, we would like to see it used where it is helpful.

Please check out from time to time. We are just starting (as of late 2014) and focusing on useful products rather than marketing so the ‘web presence’ is not very mature yet.


My first aim of our ‘web presence’ will be to tell the story so far. Simple timeline using a parallax webpage and blogposts, pictures, videos linked to key dates. The aim is transparency and to encourage others to contribute to OpenOdonto direction and future story.

Hi all

Lots has happened since the last post here. OpenOdonto (which I shall call ‘Odonto’ for brevity, if I need to) has become a real thing: We have set up a CIC (Community Interest Company) to manage it and secured funding from Apperta (although I think it was the NHS England Open Source Software Foundation when we kicked off). We are very grateful to them: the initial funding helped us to secure a team, along with support from other trusts based in the North East of England who provided Clinician time. This has allowed us to properly understand what the problem is - without this time and space we might have been tempted to start building a solution which may not have accommodated all user needs. We used the expertise from various academic institutions to do this, predominantly Newcastle University Centre for Knowledge, Innovation, Technology and Enterprise ( Our next steps are to develop this insight into a set of really useful components (‘apps’ or ‘systems’) which each have utility but together will provide better care for patients through a combination of better records management, better utillisation of clinicians time (and others) and better communications with patients. Some of this work seems to have been done already - there are a number of eRefferal systems which we are looking at: so long as they can be made open source (or exhibit the characteristics of open source software, without wanting to get into a detailed discussion of that!) then we would prefer to adopt them, if we can make it all fit together.

Our next steps will be to further develop this community to make sure we are engaging with the needs of all Community Dentistry. To do this we will need some more funding and are exploring a number of avenues to find this: some of those are the original investors in this project but we also have interest from other sources; for example CCG’s who fund Community Dentists, academic institutions and so on.
So I hope by posting here we can engage the interest / contribution /support of anyone who would like to make community Dentistry better. Join in, criticise, coerce, support and cajole: It is what these forums are for!

Thank you John. In terms of the generic components it might be useful to
see what Ripple etc has built.

Can you also share any documents on the community dentistry problem space?
Have you done some high level requirements gathering?

We have been in discussions with Ripple amongst others. I would hesitate to say we have high level requirements, but we have certainly some user needs. We will share these under a creative commons license, but we are currently revamping the website so will update in due course.

Well done for getting the funding John - Dentistry is a really tough one from what my dentist mate tells me and really needs a full on cheap open source SaaS approach to make any dent (oops) in that market.

I’m very new to this Apperta thing and only really involved due to my consulting activities and kicking of the open source skunkworks a few years back.

Happy to help if and where I can.

Malcolm Newbury

Health is the most complex of all domains
There will be much to learn big integrating the patient dental pathway into the
health journey
my dentist tells me there is much to learn by looking into someone’s mouth :_)

The funding is all down to Becky Wassall’s drive and vision, and Apperta’s support for that. I’m just the messenger (in this case).

Check out our video prototype.

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ASK:where is the documentation for the FHIR model that people are discussing on
this forum?


  1. there are currently Six or Seven “types” of care model being discussed @
    vanguard sites, mymodel fully supports itegrated CARE MODELs
  2. Where is investment supposed to come from? if you care about Health, be
    Honest, public money is running out and historically too much public money
    has been wasted
  3. The integarted care model does not need a new ID to be defined (that is the
    last thing that’s needed, another ID), the care
    model adopts the first PP ID of the first PATIENT PATHWAY thatis assigned to
  4. integarted CARE MODEL types are color coded

please help me, how does the comms throughout this forum work?