openMAXIMS repos and information

###Main IMS MAXIMS openMAXIMS repo:

###@pacharanero /openhealthhub fork with linux-specific adaptations:

This is the fork which is being actively developed by @pacharanero on behalf of IMS MAXIMS in order to have a fully open source stack, and therefore be able to be run without license fees for MS SQL Server.

There is a thread with further information about this fork:

Hi! I tried to get the latest and greatest IMS-MAXIMS/openMAXIMS repo to
run, only to notice that some of the files are corrupted (see issue #22).

Has someone actually managed to do demo installation of this thing?

I tried earlier in the year - got everything building and the database installed, but struggled to get the application to launch (persistent “application is loading” message and nothing obvious in the logs). Not had time to try and diagnose as yet.

How did you get on?

Gave up. There was various “corrupted files”(=files copied by hand into wrong locations) in the codebase (
Plus I didnt manage the get the thing to start, it got stuck after loading the rulesets from database.