Open Movement from Axivity

Serendipity / FP!

Earlier today I discovered Axivity and Open Movement.

Axivity make a wearable which is being used by UK Biobank to capture 7-day physical activity data for 100K participants.

The wearables link to Open Movement; a software platform for the data captured by the Axivity inertial sensors. The data is in a “truly open format”. There is an open source analysis software which uses validated algorithms for physical activity, wear time and energy expenditure &tc…

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I can’t find any information about the hardware license for Axivity.

Is the Axivity hardware open source? E.g. is it released under an open license with hardware schematics?

Nevermind, sorry. I just viewed the Open Movement repository and found the following:

The source code for the firmware and software is available under a BSD 2-clause license (source text), and the hardware (PCB designs, layouts and schematics), enclosure designs and documentation are available under a Creative Commons 3.0 BY Attribution License (source text).