Open Health Hub shortlisted for an Open UK Award!

Dear Open Health Hubbers! - thanks to our community member @blessed_tabvirwa for nominating Open Health Hub we have been shortlisted for an Open UK Award!

We’re in the Software section, and another project in that category has an OHH connection - the RCPCH Digital Growth Charts has also been shortlisted in the same category, the RCPCH use OHH for their open support forums #rcpch-digital-growth-charts

Thanks again to the community for making OHH work, and to Blessed for the nomination.

Open Health Hub founder and sysadmin


Best of luck for tonight.

See you there?? (shortlisted for the individual award)

I would probably have been able to come up but somehow I got invited to the online-only part of the event. Was a good night and congrats on the individual award and for the OpenHealthHub namecheck! You are one of our most prolific posters and most helpful contributors. Thanks and congratualtions.