Open Hardware category?

We are trying to find a place to discuss the Angel Sensor, and possibly other open-source medical hardware such as ‘wearables’. What are some thoughts on creating a category in OpenHealthHub that is specific to open hardware, wearables, and health sensors?

Yes, sounds like a good idea. Done. :slight_smile:


One addational request: please consider opening a discussion category under the Open Medical Hardware for the Angel Sensor. We are in the process of a community ‘fork’ of the project and would appreciate an open forum to disucss the future of the project.

Hi @brylie, thanks for your interest in using for your Angel sensor fork discussion…

I’m more than happy to create a specific forum for Angel sensors, although right at the moment there hasn’t yet been a lot of discussion in the Open Hardware category yet. So what I’d propose is: Create threads about the Angel Sensor as needed in the Open Hardware category, and if there gets to be a lot of them, I’ll create a specific Angel Sensor sub-category, and will move all Angel Sensor-relevant threads into it.

How’s that?


Sounds like a plan. Thanks :slight_smile: