NHoS ISO file

Hello, my name is Tyler T. I’m wondering, does anyone have the NHSbuntu/NHoS ISO available to download? Please reply whenever you can, please and thank you.

Well i guess reputed sources are there on the internet. Just give it a thorough search and it should show itself.
Ill check back if i get any source for download.


I’m going to rinse out a new ISO for ppl this weekend.


Wishing to try it. Honoured to meet you and this community.
Meanwhile, seeing that the weekend is over … I’m going to try, today, Biolinux

Hello Rob Dyke, my name is Tyler T. I’m wondering, where is the new ISO file you talked about last December?

Due to various changes upstream I’ve not been able to build a new ISO for NHoS

When building from our ISO tool I hit an error right at the end of the process

NHoS “Xenial” - Failed to find casper uuid.conf in ‘binary/casper/initrd.img-4.15.0-42-generic’ LIVE Binary 20181216-23:06

I’m not the only one.

Sorry folks.

Hi Rob,
I’m a newbie, I have only worked in the NHS for the last 10 years, and cant believe the bureaucracy you’ve come up against.
At the Hospital where I work, we try and install open systems as much as possible, especially on lifts and PLC equipment, as proprietary systems may look cheap to install but cost a fortune over the lifecycle of the product.
I have used Linux since Slackware 1.1.81 kernel (as well as other flavours), currently using kubuntu 18; and I applaud you guys for trying to get this off the ground.
Windows 10 must be the most expensive malware to hit the market; then again everyone knows the US builds back doors into every OS…

Did you manage to rebuild the ISO?