NEW Transfer of Care eDischarge webinars – May, June, July 2016

###Supporting localities in the move to sharing structured discharge summaries

###12 sessions in May, June, July 2016

###Transfer of Care eDischarge webinars (1hr):
As part of enabling information sharing across care settings and in reducing the burden for general practice, the 2016/17 NHS Standard Contract requires organisations to implement consistent clinical content headings when sharing discharge summaries.

This builds on the move in 2015/16 from paper to sharing of discharges electronically and now requires that Providers implement the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC) headings when sharing their electronic discharge summaries by 1st December 2016.

To help organisations understand and implement this requirement, HSCIC in conjunction with NHS England is hosting a series of one-hour clinical and technical webinars through May, June and July 2016.

Join one of our clinical webinars and:

  • find out exactly what compliance with the AoMRC headings means for your organisation
  • ask questions about the clinical benefit and technical overview
  • see illustrated examples of eDischarge benefits in context
  • the benefit of taking a structured messaging approach when sharing this information

Join one of our technical webinars and:

  • ask questions about Clinical Document Architecture (HL7 CDA) and supplier accreditation, transport mechanisms (including use of MESH to share your discharge summaries out of area), SNOMED CT coding and more

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