New ODS, High level information


I am trying to understand what is new in new ODS, it is now csv files for each type, download them and upload it in the EPR. It seems the new structure is XML (FHIR Resource ?) with a more structured way of data.

The way how the new data/ update obtain from also changed?

can anyone give more details on this, please?


You mean this?

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or this APIs for the Organisation Data Service - NHS Digital

I think this allows you to ask for changes to the ODS database.
Note: it’s currently be talked about lifting this API to FHIR R4 and also SDS LDAP exposed as FHIR R4.

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please give your thoughts on these?

  1. The ORD API out put vs FHIR API out not same ? the Relationship is missing which define the relation ship among the organisations?

  2. The GP and Dentists are not available in these API any plan date or they won’t be available as xml through ORD Endpoint ?

  3. The Fhir API intended customers.
    Users looking for a simple way to support health transactions and interoperability.
    please explain what is transactions here ?


thanks in advance

Hi Tharma, I am no expert but I can see the beginnings of answers to your questions on that link (e.g. it states that the two APIs are not the same). It also has contact information for “technical queries regarding the ODS API Suite”. Some of your other questions may be better answered there.