MESH Documents to GPs and Rejections back

Hi all,

I was wondering if somebody could advise on MESH – sending letters to GPs in particular TPP, SystmOne.
I’ve developed a solution to send the documents via the MESH client using CTL and DAT files. The DAT file is Kettering Style XML. The documents are sent to GPs perfectly fine – I even have a method to log the DTS ID, sent date and time. However as a test I wanted the GP to reject the document, they did so and TPP SystmOne should send a rejection message via MESH back to the sender, however this is not happening. I can only assume the TPP Hub is not able to get the message sender.

Having read the kettering style XML document and it says below

“For < MsgSender> The suggested value is NACS code or local ID code or DTS name of sender.
For The suggested value is the NACS code, local ID or DTS name of sender of the recipient practice”

I am sending our Mailbox ID in the sender and the recipient has the practice code but no rejection messages are received. I even changed the recipient to the TPP Mailbox ID, but still no joy. Can somebody advise on whether TPP require the NACS Code and if yes, how do I get one?

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Hi @MistryP and welcome to the community.

I’ve moved your question into NHS Spine & APIs Support but I would also recommend to post this question on the new NHS Digital Developer Community forums, which didn’t exist at the time I created this forum or the NHS Spine & APIs Support section.

The NHS Spine developer community is here

That community has some of the NHS Spine developers and many other community members will have experience of MESH and bidirectional communication with GPs.

I think TPP use a single NACS/ODS code and EMIS Gp surgeries use the surgeries NACS/ODS.

I don’t know what this is, sorry

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Hi Kev,
Thanks for getting back to me - I am pretty lost as to why TPP use NACS - I can get the NACS for TPP, but I think under the tag, which is our Mailbox, also needs a NACS - but not sure where I get that from.

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TPP use 15 MESH mailboxes to share the load, all beginning ygm27 so guess you should be sending to one of those.
You should be able to get the mailbox for a practice using the following mailbox look up address:[*ODSCODE*]/[*WORKFLOWID*]

The above link is the MESH internet call, sub in the necessary HSCN address if going that way.
When we set up a ‘partner’ in our MESH client we run that call and persist the returned mailbox ID.

Hope this helps?

Hi Peter,
Thanks for getting back - I have the TPP mailbox ID for the area ygm27XX - I add this into the recepient tag, however when the practice reject a document, an XML message should be sent back to the sender, but I do not get this.

Yes, realised I had misunderstood after posting. We use MESH for transferring EDI documents so may be a little different in the detail and handling. Assume you are putting your MESH mailbox ID in the Mex-From header as I think you’d fail MESH authentication otherwise. I guess you are also polling your own mailbox for responses etc?

We are sending the docs in Kettering Style XML, the PDF is base64 encoded and added to the text block of the XML. The sending of the documents is fine, but when a GP reject the doc, an XML message from TPP should be sent back to the sender containg the reason for rejection - but this is not happening.