MESH Content-Encoding: gzip and Mex-Content-Compressed: Y/N header

Hi, I just wonder if anybody can help.
I am implementing MESH API, I have confusion around content-encoding: gzip and Mesh header Mex-Content-Compressed

The rest have the capability for encoding using gzip by applying content-encoding header… but MESH also introduces it is own header using Mex-Content-Compressed… how I am going to reconcile between the two, and what the standard use between the two.

And the moment, for send, I don’t output Mex-Content-Compressed header (or by default it is equivalent to N), but using content-encoding: gzip instead, the recipient party will be able to retrieve this by enabling auto decompression using HttpClient.

Is that the correct behavior, or should we use the Mex-Content-Compressed and ignore the use of content-encoding ? or how to play between these two header fields?

Does anybody know what is the norm in the current traffic of MESH API ?? have anybody have experience of MESH implementation in live production.