MESH Client and FHIR

I am new to the MESH\ITK3 standards so I’m wondering if I can seek some advice.

Our outpatient letters come to us from the 3rd part system as a PDF. We need to send this to our GP practices using the MESH client. Using FHIR I think we can achieve this using the workflow TOC_FHIR_OP_ATTEN.

What options are available to send a PDF?

As a side note, I think Kettering XML may be out of the question as the TOC_OP_ATT_DMS workflow is used on another mailbox that is already being used by another system.

I believe that workflow id refers to this specification Transfer of Care - FHIR API - NHS Digital
and Outpatient Clinic Letter.

This is a FHIR Document which means a HTML document plus structured clinical content.

I don’t know what the workflow id for kettering is I’d expect TOC still means transfer of care.

If you have a PDF document, the only option I believe is Kettering over MESH.

Thank you. I think that has just confirmed my that at thought might be the case.