MESH API access over internet

Hi, anybody here utilise the MESH API over the internet as opposed to HSCN? We’ve just renewed our cert for API access and thought I’d give the internet API a hit, but alas we can’t seem to access the internet based address for the production environment.

HSCN Production environment address: - traceable
Internet Production environment address: - NOT traceable
Internet Integration environment address: traceable

What messages are you getting back

I went from this documentation which is the same address

I get a certificate warning error, so server is responding

Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND
Cannot tracert to the address either but can route to the Internet integration address. Could be a DNS issue our side.
Incidentally, can you hit the API over HSCN? If you can you should be able to hit the Internet address with the same cert I’ve been told. We’ve just renewed our cert with NHSD hence trying the Internet facing API.

Nope, no HSCN and opentest vpn not active