MediPi Telehealth Overview

MediPi is a pilot initiative managed by HSCIC. Its goal is to establish a commodity-supported platform for telehealth solutions that are affordable at scale, both to improve healthcare outcomes and citizen access, saving the NHS money.
MediPi is a clinically led, ongoing agile development. It is not a solution for a telehealth system on its own, but a demonstration of software and hardware components which, with clinical engagement, is helping us generate robust specifications for pilotable solutions.
It aims to stimulate the market by showcasing enabling technology which is open source and widely accessible. The project direction is, to some extent, being driven by the appetite of the market, although the flexibility of approach means that MediPi is being recognised as offering benefits across various settings such as monitoring cardiac patients, diabetes management, etc.

MediPi_Summary-v1.3.pdf (454.5 KB)