Looking for GPSOC app Developer

Hello Gurus

I am a GP registrar, I am interested in increasing GP practice productivity and help patients with the help of technology.
I am a layman in app development.

I am looking for someone who can develop an app to book appointments and order prescriptions for the GP practice where I work. ( I know there are many ready available apps)

Can you please help me to guide where to start?
if you know any developer who can develop this app, please let me know.

I much appreciate your help.

I am not an App developer in the sense of Android/iOS Apps but i can create Web Based Apps. I might be able to assist.

Does your existing GP Practice solution already have an API through which we can send appointment and orders requests or will you also need assistance creating an API for your GP Practice?
You mentioned already exiting apps, are there any that you have seen and feel that if possible you would not mind evaluating if its possible to use them instead or creating a new app from scratch?

Kind Regards

Thank you for your reply.

I do not have any API . If you know how nhs digital and gpsoc works that will be useful.
Existing Apps are OK but I am want our own app for practice with local self referrals and appointments etc.

Okay i am not familiar with the NHS GPSoC but can certainly read up - I found this page from the NHS website - GP Systems of Choice - NHS Digital. I have come across some other NHS initiatives/documentation but haven’t actually worked with it. I might be able to help if your project timelines permit.

You probably need to look at gp connect GP Connect specifications for developers - NHS Digital

Or go direct to the gp supplier (if they have an open api)

The former is free to use but getting a connection may take time (assurance procedures and other requirements such as connecting to smsp/pds).

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Thank you @mayfield.g.kev I’ll take a look the specs.

Some (java) example code for connecting to the api’s can be found here GitHub - project-wildfyre/gpconnect-adaptor: Converts GP Connect to RESTful FHIR

They turn the GP Connect RPC calls into restful resource based ones.

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Okay great! Thank you Kev. I’ll take a look.