Linking EPS to EMIS IM1/Partner API

At the upcoming INTEROPen Meds learnathon and hackaton, EPS will be discussing a query API which allows access to patients prescriptions and dispenses known to EPS. (See this for some early concepts

For a supplier I’m working with it will be possible to get a list a repeat medications (from EMIS Partner API/IM1, GP Connect or EPS) and the patient will be able to request a refill (using EMIS Partner API/IM1).

Ideally I would like to be able to track the progress via EPS.
To do this I’m after the EPS identifier. GP Connect has this in the identifier section MedicationRequest resource | gpconnect
(which is either or in EPS)

Can you get EPS identifiers via EMIS Partner API/IM1, the supplier will not want to swap to GP Connect for this one field.

‘fag packet’ of solution: