Latest Build - Cinnamon?

I work for a NHS organisation in the North West and have made the right people aware of this project at a recent strategy meeting.

I think there maybe some appetite for a small pilot if I can prove some basic criteria working (yet to be established).

I have seen some reference to changing the desktop environment to Cinnamon for a more “Mint” like user experience when reading through the threads, is this something that has made it into a recent build?

I can see your download links have been pulled from and your SSL certificate appears to have expired, will this be updated?

I am fixing up the SSL now!

When we discussed Cinnamon with Canonical they felt it would be a heavy responsibility to maintain an official version of Ubuntu which used Cinnamon. Linux Mint is not an official Ubuntu (it doesn’t use the official Ubuntu toolchain and distribution mechanism for packages, although that may well be a strength in fact)

We have been told to take down the project AGAIN, so we’re calling it a day anyway.

Maybe when we have some semblance of a functioning NHS digital leadership we might come back to this idea, since (as your post suggests, and many others also do) that there is some appetite for Microsoft alternatives at grass roots level.

Whilst I would in no way count the last (Almost a year now) of working as a core member on this project as a waste of time, I do echo Marcus frustration at the lack of vision at the higher levels of NHS IT (perhaps there is a letter missing)! I was extremely honoured and proud to have been part of something that has so much potential, and has introduced me to to and I believe made friends with some amazing people with a vast array of skills that are under-utilised. Marcus passion for Open Source and Rob’s amazing skill set, alongside Tony’s bullish determination, was, we thought, the right mix to move this forward. As all good revolutionaries, we will go back underground, and continue to chip away at the bastion of NHS IT (That letter missing again), and will no doubt emerge once the powers that be have spend £Millions, nay £Billions of tax payers money on Windows 10, but only if we retire the EDGE Browser, block all access to Google Chrome and Firefox and only use IE11 because we need to update our E-learning on ESR :confounded::disappointed::cry: :nauseated_face::nauseated_face: Kenny Kennington, NHSBuntu/NHoS Core team member


There are around a dozen small scale pilots of NHoS and related tech components underway in NHSland. Tell us more about your initiative.

Also - SSL fixed up and downloads available.

Our good friend Travis is currently chugging away at the 100th NHoS nightly build.

Cool thanks, will your Git be staying around or will that close with the project?

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@paul.williams we will try where possible to keep/archive stuff that is of use to other people as long as it doesn’t offend the tender sensibilities of the Department of Health and their overzealous brand image protectionism.

As far as Cinnamon goes, is it my desktop of preference personally (I use Linux Mint), and maybe if we ever come back to the idea of an NHS desktop linux we will use Cinnamon.

Hello Marcus Baw, It’s me Tyler Torvinen. I’m wondering, will you please give me the ISO for NHoS? I want to install NHoS onto Oracle VM VirtualBox, so that I can use that virtual computer from time to time.

Hi Tyler,

I don’t think it would be worth installing to be honest - it’s now at least 2 years out of date and is based on an old LTS 16.04.

You’d be far better off installing a more recent Ubuntu Gnome 18.04 and using that.

I don’t think we still have the ISO download anywhere.

The project may be back, but not for a while.

(BTW you don’t need to post 3 times the same request in the same forum!)