Kettering XML syntax

Hi, thanks to prev help I’ve found the INPS Kettering document, but does anyone know any links to the complete Kettering XML syntax?

Any help appreciated!

I also need some light on this topic. Help is appreciated.


Hi Shane, thanks to Kevin Mayfield’s hard work, who asked around and sent me the following docs for KET.


Best wishes

EDT Message specification.pdf (1.5 MB)
EDT_Message_Specification - Kettering XML.pdf (472.4 KB)
ReportMsg_EDT_03.dtd (36.6 KB)
Kettering Format Messages in Vision.pdf (684.3 KB)

FYI This hasn’t gone live yet but messaging to GP’s (GP Connect Messaging) has this:

It’s not true FHIR messaging (using Task instead of MessageHeader) but is an equivalent of MDM^T02 (Original Document Notification and Content).

Also worth considering when building a document messaging interface is the FHIR specification for NRLS (and roughly equivalent to MDM^T01 Document Notification). Obviously a Document feed can also reused as a feed to NRLS and you may wish to do this in the near future

p.s. the profile for the document metadata (FHIR DocumentReference) looks pretty useable as a generic format for metadata in the UK

Sorry for reactivating

Ref my above comment … rough ideas on document metadata can be found here

This isn’t for primary care but a potential NHS Digital service, however I am trying to make it generic (for English use)