Kettering XML and SystmOne


I’m wondering if anyone can help, We are working in a ToC Solution using the MESH Client.
The Client is all setup working as expected from a transport point of view and i can seem them in the MOLES Message Tracking. But they never seem to go to SystmOne.

I have attached a copy of the XML im using. Can anyone advise me on what im doing wrong.

example.dat (2.3 KB)


Its been a while since I’ve used kettering.

I think you are using the wrong workflow id.
Believe the one you are using is for HL7 FHIR ITK3 payload, not kettering XML

Which workflow should work for Kettering? Which workflow should work for Kettering? Looking at the published workflow list I only have these at my disposal:


In an ideal world i would like to use FHIR but our system only provides PDF are they any standatds of HL7 FHIR ITK3 that will support a PDF payload?

My understanding is that the Workflow ID is used to identify the format of the message/payload. The ID’s you have listed, although described as non-FHIR, may not support/expect Kettering when received by the target system - if indeed SystmOne will even forward on messages with those Workflow ID’s.

You could try the following Workflow ID


That’s what I use to send PDF docs embedded in Kettering xml to EMIS systems.

I have looked at the wordflow id’s and DISCH_KET looks like its discontiuned. Does that mean that Kettering XML is now not recomended? How are other trusts handling there GP letters?


Can i be a pest? do you have a template or anonaomised example of the messages you use?

Where did you find it was discontinued?

From a NHS Digital point of view this is not supported/discontinued, so it may be this view you are seeing.

The official answer is to use Transfer Of Care - Transfer of Care Initiative - NHS Digital
However I suspect many organisations are using Kettering+MESH instead (as it’s a way of getting PDF’s to GP’s)
In addition GP Connect has a Send Document API which could also be used but I think this is under development Send Document | gpconnect-messaging

Sorry I have caused confusion I was referring to the Workflow ID DISCH_KET. I was just looking at it from this documents point of view:

If Ket is not on its way out then i will keep looking at it.

No problems… I’ve been searching for that list - Many thanks.