Is developing a predictive model research?

Dear All,
There is lots of useful information on the digital developer website about developing predictive models
But no mention of whether this is a research process which should be registered through an IRAS application. Is there any UK guidance on this? Have any of you experience of doing similar work?

Hi AM; I’m not sure of the precise details re these; my feeling is that since this is at a level abstracted from direct patient care, consent (assuming all data rules are adhered to) would not be normally required, and an IRAS app would be unnecessary. Now if we were then to take the model and apply to patient care on an exploratory basis, that would arguably constitute research and may require an IRAS. But then could you argue that it is merely (merely!) QI activity, in which case you wouldn’t normally need to go down that route… aargh. So maybe the best thing to do is approach a local friendly research office with details of the proposal and see what they say. I hate to see barriers to this sort of vital activity, but I guess we have to be rigorous!

Thanks Shane
Yes I am checking this out with research office but thought I would try and
gather the opinion of others too.
I doubt that patient consent will be needed but not all research requires
patient consent.
Will let you know what I find out.

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