Integrating middleware with SysmOne/EMIS Web


I am looking to connect with people who have experience integrating products with UK clinical systems (SystmOne, EMIS Web). My current challenge is to find a cloud-based middleware solution that can pull data from a remote monitoring platform (Open Tele Health) and deliver it into the patient record held in SystmOne/EMIS.

I am aware of a couple of products (Ensemble, Nextgen Connect/Mirth), has anyone managed to integrate these with the above systems? Any help or advice anyone can offer is greatly appreciated.


At present I’m not aware of a method of sending observations to GP’s other than by email/MESH as a PDF or HTML document.
Those products are typically used in exchanges like that.

Possibly EMIS and TPP both support incoming observations as HL7v2 ORU_R01 unsolicited-observations - this may be something they only use for lab reports though (via MESH)???

Hi Carl,

We have QuickFHIR Adapters in private beta that might provide part of the solution.

Do you want a call to discuss what you’re trying to do?


Yes that sounds very interesting, I would like to discuss please. What’s the best way to get in touch?