Installing dual boot with windows 10

I have a problem with Linux Mint and want to find if the same problem exists with NHSbuntu. On installation it does not find the Windows 10 so you can’t dual boot does the same thing happen with NHSbuntu.

I solve the problem with gparted. My question is should they go to the start screen and use the Software Manager? This might be a problem as it asks for a password to use the SM, since a password has not been entered yet is it a null password?

Otherwise I have to ship gparted disks to solve it. Maybe you can load gparted on Windows 10 and resize there?

Anyone have ideas?

Throughout my use of Linux it’s always been advisable to install Windows first and then Linux on top, because Windows always used to go scorched earth on your bootloader.

With UEFI I’ve found that to be reversed - install Linux first (make partitions for Windows while you do it), then install Windows.

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I’ve just about finished switching all the many things to NHoS and new ISOs will soon be available.

If you are willing to test installing NHoS side-by-side with Windows 10 then I’m happy to help.

Happy too, where can I download it from?

32 or 64 bit version?

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Nice work Rob! Lovely download page and brand spanking new livery following NHSbuntu’s rebranding.

I’m installing in a VM right now


Love the new Look, Although I was looking for the Apps/places at the top of the screen!! Much easier set up for Evolution via Online services, and am using Evolution now to track mailbox issues with M$OFT Outlook problems (Ah, the issues of a cached mailbox)!!. Love the fact that VPN over N3 is also easy to set up. Onwards and upwards :blush:


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