Help - EMIS drug codeID GPSOC Mystery

Sherlock Holmes here trying to figure out what the below codes are coming from EMIS via GPSOC test environment?

We expected Snomed DM+D AMPID or VMPPs or similar and while the format is similar, they do not correspond to anything I can find in DM+D browser. I am guessing they are either some sort of internal proprietary code mapped on EMIS or simply really old discontinued codes they still use in their GPSOC test environment? They don’t look like Read codes which are being phased out anyway.

EMIS are unresponsive to emails so getting very very frustrated !

“DrugName”: “Fusidic acid 2% cream”,
“CodeId”: 616441000033112,

“DrugName”: “Otomize ear spray (Teva UK Ltd)”,
“CodeId”: 1021141000033111,

Any ideas greatly appreciated!

It’s a SNOMED code from EMIS’s own namepsace.
See Page 4 of the SNOMED CT namespace registry: SCTID Info

These are not dm+d concept Ids and have never been issued by the UK National Release Centre.

They would only be interoperable with another EMIS system.

It’s possible EMIS have added these to their test environment using their own namespace solely for the purposes of testing. As long as they are not in a Live system and / or are not expected to leave the clinical system then it’s not too bad.

Thanks so much! that makes sense and is a good thing (I think) as presumably the real dm+d concept IDs would come through when live data flows to us. We get record access only (not transactional yet) so patient repeat medication details we are trying to match up with DM+D database.

Why they couldn’t just tell us that I don’t know! really appreciate your help.