Health risk assessment scoring methods for all diseases together or all chronic diseases

Dear all,
I’m looking for different standarized health risk assessment scoring methods for predicting the likelihood of getting diseases.
Unfortunately I just find them for specific diseases, such as Framingham Risk Score for Cardiovascular diseases. I found some for all diseases, but they are private companies and not standardized by international health public institutions.

Do you know any other scoring methodology for all diseases in general or at least for chronic diseases? In the best case, they should be compliant with US and the EU?
Maybe something that can be calculated from the EHR?


Hi @Tammy

I’m not aware of any validated risk assessment score for determining the risk of all diseases, apart from, increasing age, which generally has a positive correlation to disease, but there is no simple or direct causal relationship because it is mediated through a wide range of other factors.

You might be best asking on a more ‘clinical’ forum, unfortunately I don’t know exactly where to ask this. Actuaries may have this kind of information but it is unlikely to be public domain.

What’s the use-case?

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