Hack Day Research - Juvenile Activity Levels


After being asked to attend the local Health Hack, I’m trying to structure my thoughts.
In in the early stages of researching this, but thought it would be useful to share them, and see if others have had experiences.

Thoughts On Juvenile Activity Levels.
Activity occurs in schools already? When & how much for the individual child? Is it just Wednesday afternoons? What else does the school offer?
What does the individual child enjoy? Do they want to be more active?
What other events occur nearby that are based around the enjoyed activities? Could be actual exercise clubs etc, or things that inspire exercise i.e. those moments where you go “I want to be like them”.

Build up a picture of existing exercise in a weekly/monthly timeline.

Are their no brainer activities that could occur ie. living 2 miles from school but still getting a lift? Would walking be more likely to happen if the weather was took into account i.e. just walking on 2 dry days a week.

Are their after school clubs that havn’t been took up?
How much time do parents have free? Would bringing in their availability in a week, increase the chances of allocating time for shared exercise, i.e. as the evenings get brighter and parent and child are free, how about walking around the local park? Playing frisbe? Cricket? Tennis etc.

What global / national events inspire the activities LIKED by children?

How do we survey parents? How do we survey their children? How do we survey school headmasters?

What has happened before? Previous hack days.
Is it generally positive for most children to also know when their other friends are free?

What % of children are negatively impacted by being on the fringes of the social circles? Is it positive to connect them with others, and see what activity they both like? Perhaps social connection shouldn’t be forced, however if it’s negatively affecting health then perhaps their can be positive influence here, with the help of a parent.

What age groups respond to gamification? Are medals on apps too shallow a reward? What can be done to bring real-life reward, from the online efforts?

Generally, what has been done before in this area?

What %’s of school age children have access to technology? Is incorporating SMS reminders something that would be useful?
What % of parents do?

Many thanks for any sharing of experiences in this area or introductions to the appropriate expertise.