GP Connect - Clinical Items

I’m trying to trace where Procedures/Operations will appear (from this profile ).

From my time working for a GP supplier, they would be recorded as Read coded events (Observations) I would presume it’s the Clinical Items section? (If it is part of getcarerecord)

have a look at / Standards and Care Connect You will see two sections, the first is the convergence of GP-Connect/ DSTU2 /Endeavour UK set and the second sections are pointers to Endeavour and GP Connect. The convergence group will grow. There is a procedure profile in the Endeavour section which is being worked on as part of the INTEROPen process and no doubt will appear in the converged group. This group then gets iterated with INTEROPen /NHS Digital and the PRSB who currently have a sort of implied mandate to sign it off

Many thanks @DavidStables so these are intended to be the national standard?

I’m after a definite list of identifiers at the moment, I know identifies as an English/Welsh NHS Number but what is used for ods codes? [ I have found but suspect that’s wrong ]