GP Connect - All profiles

Few comments about all of the profiles:

  1. id and meta/profile fields.

These aren’t showing in the profiles. I understand these are part of the base Resource resource and hence are implicit.

However have you considered their cardinalities? Wondering whether they should be changed from 0…1 to 1…1? And that the meta/profile should have a fixed value of the profile’s URI?

  1. StructureDefinitions

Will you be publishing the underlying StructureDefinition and ValueSet files to allow automated validation to take place?

Hi Jonny

Good points and the answer to both points is yes. The ValueSet resources should appear in the next release and by the time we get to the end of the draft iterations then all of the definitional resource will be published including :

  • StructureDefinition
  • ValueSet
  • OperationDefinition
  • Conforance