Getting everything back for a patient? operation-patient-everything $everything

I’m looking at this Operation-patient-everything - FHIR v3.3.0

Should something like this be supported to get everything back for a patient e.g.:$everything

What I was expecting was something like this:

Yes that is right. But not all servers support it. Some of the public servers out there are just demos or for testing, and they make no claim to support all features. Like almost all of FHIR, it is optional. However it is commonly supported.

For each server, check the CapabilityStatement to see what it implements. That should be accurate against what is supported.

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Following on from Rik’s comments. If you look at the CapabilityStatement for CCRI ( it does show it supports _includes and _revinclude on patient.

If you run the cc-portal (HIE Portal) watch the queries it makes using developer tools (inspect in chrome), you should see some examples of it’s use.
We didn’t implement $everything because we anticipated the results would be too large and something looking like a summary would be the primary use case, so something like this

Users would then drill into the medical record and retrieve information they need (this was also IG friendly as we only retrieved clinical data that was expected to be used)

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