Getting consultations into TPP Patient Journal

We have been asked to get structured data into a TPP Patient Journal and not be an external document.

To me structured means coded Observations, Conditions, etc. Which although is possible it has practical limitations e.g. we need to run a integration layer on every practitioners machines via the IM1 interfaces.

Can this be done in a different way?

We are not allowed to Transfer of Care and I think this is an external document anyway in TPP.
Believe GP Connect Send document is PDF and so would be an external document.
Kettering XML may allow us to send in html … that’s structured text.

Do we need a dedicated PC at each GP practice to act as the integration service and this talks locally to the TPP client software?

I was also asked a similar question yesterday around SNOMED CT coded Observations reports. Does anyone know if TPP + EMIS support HL7 v2 ORU_R01 messages with SNOMED CT?

Hi Kev
have you looked at the IM1 transactional API - there are various ‘update patient record’ API calls:

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In practice, yes.

Happy to talk through some options if you want to give me a call.

Thanks for the replies.

Yes, we were looking at transactional services - I didn’t want to put ‘fat’ middleware services on doctors pc’s but it seems we have little choice.