Gathering data for scheduling and reporting for whole population

I am new to analytic data (reporting, scheduling) for NHS data, some of them is for direct care.
I just wonder if anyone has come across the below problem before.

Considering I am going to collect data for the whole population of a particular aspect of care (the data source is from GP practice).

What is the authoritative NHS API exist ton answer to this query:

  • what is the available list of CCG?
  • what is the available GP practice for each of the CCG?
  • what is the available NHS number for each of the GP Practices?

I believe then I will be able to query individual patients using GPConnect Structured data.

I wonder if anyone aware of NHS initiative in this area, preferably bulk extract instead of one by one.

Lastly, is the data extract service from TPP (Strategic Reporting), and EMIS (IM1 bulk extract) can provide the above functionality, and whether both support SNOMED coding in their extract?

Hi @kusnadi and welcome to openhealthhub.

You are right that almost every aspect of what you are doing here is fraught with difficulty, which includes:

  • technical difficulty
  • information governance issues, privacy
  • legal issues around the use of data
  • political and ethical issues

Many of the authoritative NHS APIs you need don’t actually exist yet, or are in development.

You can find an NHS API Library here, and you may find some of the things you need there

You will be able to get CCGs and possibly GP Practice Codes fairly easily. However you will absolutely NOT be able to get ‘a list of available NHS numbers’ for each practice. The fact you’re asking this makes me think you’re not very experienced in the way medical data and NHS data works. I’m not shaming you here, just pointing out what is probably obvious to most readers of your post, and we’d like to help in whatever way we can.

Would it be possible for you to say what the project is called, who it’s for? Who else is in your team? Are there any UK/NHS based team members? Are there any clinical team members?

Also, you cannot mix up ‘direct care’ use-cases and legal basis with any other use case. What is the actual application here?

If you’re being asked to do this project on your own then you are going to find it very hard.

I just do the initial investigation for the project, to see what option is available, I cannot mention the project yet, as that is confidential. The questions I asked were not our first option nor our official option, we initially considered IM1 bulk extract and TPP strategic reporting services, however there is a couple limitation in the filtering we have identified. However, I think the questions are quite generic and can be used in other any other use cases without need to know a specific domain. I know that we don’t normally get a list of NHS number for a practice due to IG issue, however I still ask just in case there some new development for national program me that I have missed .

The use case is to scheduling appointment to for a particular demographics (based on clinical codes)

Thanks for the response.